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The IU Variations Digital Music Library provides online access to over 20,000 digitized albums and hundreds of scanned scores. Variations offers bookmarking, annotation, and analysis tools to support teaching and learning. To learn more about these tools, browse the page links under "Using Variations" on the left-hand side of this user guide.

Using Variations

  • Anyone with an IU login can use Variations on the computers in the Cook Music Library.

  • Outside the music library, access to Variations content is only provided to Jacobs School of Music faculty and to students currently enrolled in courses for which Variations usage is approved. This approval is automatic for courses having scores and recordings on the music library course reserves list.

    To use Variations outside the music library, there are several options:

The table below shows which features are available on each platform.

Feature Desktop Web iOS
Play Album yes yes yes
Use Bookmarks yes yes yes
Make Bookmarks yes yes no
Playlists yes no no
Scores yes no no
Timelines yes no no

This User Guide provides instructions on using the desktop app. For other instructions, see